About Us

Satec was set up in 1969 as the Public Health Engineering Division of Air Products Limited, its parent company. This included Shone Ejectors, Oxigest sewage treatment plants, Smith & Loveless pumping stations, Tangye Pumps Ltd and Hughes & Lancaster Ltd.

The company’s pedigree dates back to 1857 when Hughes & Lancaster Ltd was founded. Having supplied its first wastewater pumping system in 1882, it continued to trade world-wide and completed many projects, including the main drainage of capital cities such as Cairo, Rangoon, Karachi and Concepcion.


In 1985 Satec became the sole UK agent for Eurowater www.eurowater.com Eurowater’s focus is pure water treatment, and they have been established since 1936. They have many years’ experience within the fields of developing, manufacturing, and marketing long-life water treatment plants with high reliability of operation and minimum need of maintenance. Satec partner with Eurowater to deliver these bespoke and off the shelf high end systems.

Today, Satec specialises in packaged and engineered treatment of ‘clean’ process water and ‘dirty’ wastewater, sewage and sludge water, as well as providing ongoing operation, maintenance, servicing, spare parts, vacuum tankering, drainage CCTV and clearance services.