Demineralisation Systems

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Demineralisation Systems

The demineralisation of raw or softened water through the removal of both cationic and anionic species is particularly important in industries where a supply of purified water is critical, typically within rinsing operations associated with the manufacture of high specification products in the pharmaceutical or micro-electronics industry or within high pressure boiler systems.

Satec Service Ltd are able to supply a wide range of demineralisation systems, along with their associated service and spare parts, as the UK distributor of international group Eurowater.

The range we offer includes equipment from some of the industry’s leading brands, all of which can be installed and commissioned by our team of multi-skilled Technicians and Engineers.

Systems generally feature two pressure vessels with one containing cation ion exchange resin and the second holding an anion ion exchange resin, although in some applications mixed bed units can be utilised for polishing purposes.

Cations within the feed water (e.g. calcium, magnesium and sodium) will be removed by chemical exchange on the resin for hydrogen ions, while the remaining anions (e.g. chlorides, sulphates, nitrates and bicarbonates) are chemically exchanged for hydroxide ions. The water emanating from the process will thus consist of a mixture of both hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions, which will be pure in nature and of a low conductivity.

The type of ion exchange resin utilised will be highly dependent upon the impurities present within the feed water and the application in which the purified water is used.

Satec Service Ltd are able to supply skid mounted units, complete with conductivity instrumentation controlling the automatic regeneration of the facility, governed by a control system operating multi-port valving. Options for larger bespoke systems or containerised systems are also available.

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