Pressure Filters

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Pressure Filters

Satec Service Limited are able to offer a wide range of pressure filter systems, which include equipment from some of the industry’s leading brands, all of which can be installed and commissioned by our team of multi-skilled Technicians and Engineers.

As the UK distributor of international group Eurowater we can supply pressure filter systems that can encompass either Sand, Multi-Media and Granular Activated Carbon, depending upon the application in question.

Sand Filters

Sand filtration is selected where the removal of suspended matter from water or wastewater is required, particularly for processes involving drinking water, swimming pools, car washes, groundwater treatment, food and drink production and the surface finishing industry.

In most cases it is used as a final polishing or purification filtration stage prior to use.

Multi-Media Filters

Multi media filters typically consist of three distinct layers of media based on anthracite, sand and/or garnet and a bottom supporting layer of gravel, which itself is non-filtering.

As a result of size and density differences of the various media, the larger and lighter anthracite will be on top, while the heavier and smaller garnet layer will remain towards the bottom of the pressure vessel.

The arrangement of the media therefore allows for the larger contamination particles to be filtered out near the top of the bed, while the smaller particles will be retained deeper in the media.

The combination therefore allows the entire media to function as a filter for a longer period between backwash operations and tends to have a higher efficiency of particulate removal.

Granular Activated Carbon Filters

Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) is selected where the removal of contaminants from water such as chlorine, taste and odour, or organic compounds is required, with most varieties being based upon coconut, coal, wood or bone.

The filtration process works by the adsorption of the contaminants on to the GAC as a result of its large internal surface area.

Other than the periodic backwashing of a filter to fluidise the bed to prevent channelling, when the GAC becomes exhausted as the surface becomes fully adsorbed the media is generally replaced with fresh material.

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