Reverse Osmosis Plants

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Reverse Osmosis Plants

Reverse Osmosis systems are primarily used for the generation of demineralised water without the need for the chemicals that would by consumed by the demineralisation of raw or softened water through the use of regenerable cationic and anionic ion exchange resins.

Reverse Osmosis systems are used in industries where a supply of purified water is critical, typically within rinsing operations associated with the manufacture of high specification products in the pharmaceutical or micro-electronics industry or within high pressure boiler systems.

Reverse Osmosis will generally remove and retain more than 98% of the ionic species present within the water being treated and has the added benefit of also removing some pyrogen and micro-organism species.

As well as the operation of Reverse Osmosis systems being essentially chemical-free, other than those used for periodic descaling and cleaning regimes, it raises no wastewater problems other than a reject discharge stream that will contain the ionic species that have been removed, which can safely directed to drain.

Satec Service Limited are able to supply a range of Reverse Osmosis systems, along with their associated service and spare parts, as the UK distributor of international group Eurowater.

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