Thermal Deaerators

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Thermal Deaerators

Design, supply and installation of engineered plants for the removal of dissolved oxygen for boiler feed water using steam from the boiler to heat up the feed water and strip out the dissolved oxygen.

Residual oxygen can be from less than 50 ppb (with water and steam spray systems) for low pressure boilers down to less than 5 ppb (with water spray and packed saddles) for higher pressure boilers. The feed water temperature can vary from 10 to 85 deg C, the hotter the better to reduce the size of the deaeration section and the steam requirement. The deaerator normally operates at 105 deg C temperature and 0.210 barg pressure although other conditions can be accommodated.

The deaeration section is from 304L or 316L stainless steel and the storage section below is from carbon steel. The storage section working capacity is usually 20 minutes although other sizes can be accommodated.

The deaerator is supplied with all fully automatic level and pressure controls, water and steam valves, level and pressure gauges, safety relief (pressure) valve, overflow valve and anti-vacuum valves. A self-contained controller can be supplied or incorporated into client’s control system.

Ancillaries include condensate return, chemical injection point (to achieve zero residual oxygen) or sparger type tank heating.

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