Tanker, Drainage and CCTV surveys

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Tanker, Drainage and CCTV surveys

CCTV Survey and Drain Repair

Satec Service ltd offer CCTV surveying of commercial drains and sewers. The CCTV survey pinpoint damaged or collapsed drains and show you on high definition video the exact condition of the damage.

A full CCTV survey will produce a downloadable photos and videos along with a colour coded; green, amber, red report of surveyed damage, red being urgent, amber being to be dealt with soon and green all clear.

Minor blockages can be cleared with our drain jetting facility at the time of survey, however, collapsed/partially collapsed drains will require more invasive fixes. Drain jetting involves high powered water being forced through the pipe to dislodge the blockage.

In most circumstances, if the drain has not completely collapsed then repairs can be made without the need for any breaking ground using a drain re-lining system from within the pipe, however, if this is not suitable or the pipe has completely collapsed then traditional digging may be required to fix it. In these circumstances, the accuracy of the CCTV survey helps minimise digging work required to rectify.

Vacuum Tankers

Satec Service Ltd now offer a vacuum tanker/emptying service. Our expanding fleet of vacuum tankers currently accommodates capacities up to 4000 Gallons with 200 of those reserved for jetting washdown facility. Our team can be called out 24/7 and vacuum tanker services offered include: –

For regular de-sludging services of septic tanks and cess pits, standing orders can be set up spreading the cost over the year.

We operate our tankers out of our midlands branch in Stoke on Trent, see below for our main areas of coverage, however, for larger projects the service expands nationally.


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