Waste Water Systems

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Waste Water Systems

Satec use various types of sewage or waste water treatment systems in their designs and these include:

Activated Sludge utilising the continuously aerated flocculent microbial mass in either a Nitrifying/Non Nitrifying Extended Aeration mode or Non Nitrifying Contact Stabilisation modes of operation.

Biological filters which consists of a body of media over which the wastewater steam is uniformly and intermittently spread by means of a rotating distributor and collected, following percolation through the media or filter bed by a series of under drains.

Flotation, which is a process used to separate solid or liquid particles from a liquid phase and is achieved by introducing fine air bubbles into the liquid phase. The bubbles attach to the particulate matter and the buoyant force of the bubbles is sufficient to cause the particle to rise to the surface or the reaction vessel.

Tertiary treatment of sewage or wastewater that has already been treated to a standard achievable by biological treatment.

Sludge thickening using conventional picket fence thickeners or gravity belt thickeners and sludge dewatering using either endless filter belt technology or membrane filter presses.

Thermal drying of dewatered sewage sludge is becoming more and more popular as a means of reducing sludge volume by removing the moisture content and achieving a dry solids content of >90%.


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