Commercial Package Treatment Systems

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Commercial Package Treatment Systems

Satec Service Ltd offer the supply, installation and commissioning of WPL HiPaf commercial packaged SAF waste water treatment systems suitable for medium sized applications from 60 – 2000 population through the Submerged Aeration Filter process.

Each packaged waste water treatment plant consists of primary settlement tanks, biological treatment tanks and final settlement tanks offering high quality treated effluent which meets the standards of water utility companies. The tanks are compact, odourless, hidden under ground and the flush nature of the manholes leave minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

Each packaged waste water treatment system uses no chemicals during the treatment process enabling them to meet discharge consents which demand stricter limits such as sites of special scientific interests.

A WPL HiPaf Submerged Aeration Filter

The versatility of the packaged waste water treatment system allows it to achieve efficient treatment whilst operating at maximum designed populations but also continues to treat efficiently all the way down to 10% of its designed population equivalent. This flexibility makes these systems ideal for applications such as hotels and caravan sites where there can be large seasonal variances. 

The installation, maintenance and servicing of the Commercial packaged waste water system is quick and straight forward providing a long-term cost-saving solution.

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