Commercial pump stations

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Commercial pump stations

Pumping Stations

Sewage systems generally rely on gravity to take sewage from domestic and commercial premises to the main sewer lines, however, it is not always possible to achieve a gravitating path which will deliver the sewage. Interfering factors include: –

In these circumstances pump stations will be required to pump the sewage up to the main sewage lines overcoming the interfering factors.


The pumping station itself is made up of a large tank called a wet well which accepts the flow from a building or group of buildings. Flow then collects in this well and the liquid level rises to a pre-determined level, then once this level is reached pumps start. The liquid is then pumped away up to further pump stations, the main sewer line or to a level where it may gravitate to the main sewer line. Once the level of the liquid falls back down below a pre-determined level, the pumps cut out and the process is repeated.

Installation and Maintenance/Service

Satec Service have designed and installed countless pumping stations during their long history for a range of applications and would advise that, to avoid costly repairs and flood events, it is crucial to maintain/service these systems regularly. Satec Service offer a national pump servicing regime which keeps your systems operating year-round. In the unlikely event that a problem does occur our team members will attend on a call out basis to address the problem. Satec have vast amounts of experience installing and maintaining pump stations, some of the features are listed below:-

Pump Station Conversion to Utility Standards

Utilities companies often adopt private pump stations after a period of private management, when this is done the pump station requires converting/upgrading to the Utility Companies standard specification. This conversion usually involves bringing the valves above ground to avoid confined space entry, changing the wet well covers to lockable versions and the supply and testing of davit arms to avoid manual handling. Satec Service have undertaken many such conversions prior to Utility Companies taking them over.

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