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Ejector stations


Ejectors provide means whereby sewage or other liquids can be raised from one or more given points and conveyed to any other point. The Ejector employs Compressed Air as its motive power therefore moving and working parts are reduced to a minimum.

The Ejector is extremely versatile and will raise crude sewage, effluent and sludge under the most varied conditions. It is extensively used in municipal sewerage systems, private and government buildings, atomic research establishments, aerodromes, dockyards, power stations.

The Principal of the Satec Ejector is so flexible that it can be supplied in any size or shape for any specific application, if so desired. Benefits include: –

Description of operation

The Ejector consists of a closed cast iron or fabricated steel vessel with flaps on inlet and delivery connections, it is automatically controlled by a means of a sealed low voltage probe, the operation being as follows;

The liquid to be raised gravitates from a manhole through the inlet pipe forcing the flap valve to open to allow the ejector to fill. As the sewage rises in the ejector vessel it reaches the low voltage probe, when contact is made the probe sends a signal to a electrically operated solenoid valve which allows compressed air to enter the vessel for a pre determined time via timers in the control panel, the air forces the inlet valve to close and opens the delivery valve allowing the sewage / liquid to be discharged up the rising main, when the timer has timed out the solenoid valve de-energises and opens up the vessel to exhaust, the delivery valve then closes under the pressure of the rising main and the sequence is then repeated.


Compressed air can come from several sources;

Direct Acting;

Compressor starts when the sewage makes contact with the probe and run for a set time via a timer, this system is usually used on installations with low flow and low discharge head.

Dual Compressor with Air receiver;

Duty, duty assist air compressors working off pressure switches, Duty cut in, duty cut out, Assist cut in assist cut out, the air is supplied into a storage air receiver with the compressors alternating after every cycle, this enables the ejector to make several discharges before the compressor needs to start again, to enable full economy of the air a pressure reducing valve is install downstream of the receiver and is set slightly above the pressure required to discharge the contents.

Factory Air;

If the installation is in an office building, factory or other premises which has its own air supply then this can be utilised by using a pressure regulating valve kit set at just above the pressure required to discharge the contents of the ejector.

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